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No wardrobe is complete without certain essentials that work as the foundation for any wardrobe. Explore some of the fashion necessities for any style.

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  • English Manor

    English Manor

    Perception of the traditional rural English style home is based on that chocolate box cottage with a white picket fence and roses around the door. Although most of us aren't fortunate t ...

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  • Goth


    Gothic fashion is a clothing style worn by members of the Goth subculture; a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion and style of dress. Typical Gothic fashion includes a pale comple ...

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  • The Bombshell

    The Bombshell

    Dramatic. Decadent. Sexy. Opulent. A wildly feminine sensibility and exquisite opulence, intertwine to evoke the ultimate in refinement and showmanship. Inspired by the bold, effortless ...

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  • Classic Parisian Chic

    Classic Parisian Chic

    With Carla Bruni set to become the new Jackie O, it is time to get some of that seemingly effortless chic, poise and polish into your wardrobe. Not for years has the political landscape ...

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  • Ivy League Prep

    Ivy League Prep

    This look is all about dressing fresh, clean, classic and slightly nerdy. To really succeed at this look you need to tone down any highly sexy clothes and save them for the night time - ...

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  • the modernist

    The Modernist

    Simplicity and luxury combine to elegant effect in the pared down chic of Minimalist style. A neural palette of black, navy, camel, grey and white creates an easy canvas for everyday dr ...

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  • the naturalist

    The Naturalist

    Earthy. Soulful. Responsible. A deep respect for pure materials and holistic approaches. Inspired by the pureness of materials and form. A sensual palette of fabrics, from ultrasoft o ...

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  • Rocker Chic

    Rocker Chic

    Eclectic. Wild. Vintage. The rocker favors distressed leather and vintage denim. Heavily inspired by biker style and the rugged freedom of a bohemian life on the road. ...

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  • Grunge


    Creative. Non-comformist. Anti-fashion. The artistic vagabond - the painter, the writer, the musician, the film maker the dancer. They express themselves freely, wearing paint spattered ...

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  • The Classicist

    The Classicist

    Elegant. Refined. Timeless. A true appreciation for heritage and tradition. Recalling timeworn refinement and elegance with an inviting mix of classic motifs and relaxed charm. Rich jew ...

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  • New England Prep

    New England Prep

    Timeless. Comfortable. Classic. Inspired by the dream of America. Sailing the coast of Maine, roaming the halls of Harvard and Princeton. Family gatherings on the shores of Cape Cod and ...

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  • The Bohemian

    The Bohemian

    Wild. Free Spirited. Whimsical. Eclectic, distressed layers combine for an unexpected carefree mix of rustic and elegant. Inspired by a comfortable and romantic combination of vintage a ...

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  • Street Style

    Street Style

    Unconventional. Unforgettable. Strong. Unexpected color and patterns inspired by the streets themselves - graffiti, gangs, money. The elements of the look are based on comfort and purpo ...

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  • Sophisticated Prep

    Sophisticated Prep

    This look is all about dressing sophisticated, fresh, clean, classic and slightly nerdy. To really succeed at this look you need to tone down any highly sexy clothes and save them for t ...

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